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Lottie London Metallic Slay All Day Liquid Lipsticks Review

Hi lovelies,

So I completely forgot that I had these. Yet another one from the bundle I bought all them months ago. I’m certain that this is the last review from those products.

You can purchase a few shades of the Metallic Slay All Day liquid lipsticks from the LookFantastic website (see here) and some from Amazon (here* and here*). I can’t seem to find them anywhere else though. They retail for £5.95 and you get 6ml of product. Shipping from Amazon can be quicker than LookFantastic depending on the seller.

The packaging is the industry standard for liquid lipsticks of a tube with a doe foot applicator. Lottie London do have their own applicator style that is more of a wand than a doe foot which I actually love. It doesn’t hold as much product as other applicators but it allows you to be more precise. The overall design of the tube is very similar to the matte Slay All Day lipsticks although these have a big star saying metallic to lessen confusion.

I’m not sure how many shades were or are available but I ended up with 4 in my bundle-3 shades of gold and a red. Two of the gold shades did look quite similar in colour with one really dark gold shades. The red caught my eye immediately. The product is described as a long-wearing, highly pigmented colour with a shimmer finish. With the applicator the lipstick should glide on and last for hours.

The formula is a nice thickness for getting even coverage. I personally find this formula slightly better than the matte liquid lipsticks as it’s easier to apply a thin coat. It is really easy to apply but be sure not to apply too much as they can crack and flake over time. Not that you need a thick layer as the formula is highly pigmented underneath the shine. They are easy to apply and the wand allows for precise application. The lipsticks have an amazing shine and adds definition to the lips. If you love the lipgloss look but hate the stickiness then these are a perfect swap. The lipsticks dry down fairly quickly and doesn’t transfer afterwards. A thin layer lasts for hours, a thicker one not so long. They do dry your lips out slightly after a couple of hours of wear.

Overall, I am so happy with the Slay All Day Metallic Lipsticks from Lottie London. The packaging is the usual for liquid lipsticks with the thin wand applicator that is the standard for this company. The lipsticks are easy to apply, last hours and have good pigment and shine. The perfect substitute for glittery or metallic lip glosses. Once dried down, there is minimal transfer however applying it too thick can cause cracking and flaking.

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Rach xx

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