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Zoeva Screen Queen Highlighter Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a while since my last highlighter review and I’ve had this one in my collection for some time now.

I actually can’t remember where I ended up getting this from but you can purchase it from Beauty Bay (see here) for £15 and from various retailers on Ebay for between £6-£10. Be sure to read reviews and double check all details if ordering from Ebay to be sure you’re getting an authentic product.

The packaging is really pretty and I fell in love with it immediately. The white background with the gold geometric accents make for a sophisticated look and screams Hollywood glamour. Both the outer sleeve and the palette have the same design with the name on the front and the ingredients list on the back. Its a nice size and weight for holding and the lid has a magnetic closure. The only thing missing is a mirror in the lid which isn’t exactly needed.

This is a 3 pan palette with shades that should cover all skin tones. The three shades are champagne, lilac and bronze with peach undertones and all have a pearlescent finish. The shades names are so perfect for old Hollywood and the pans are a fairly big. According to the product description the shades are velvety smooth with high pigment that blend effortlessly into the skin for a pearlescent glow.

The three highlighters are soft and buttery to touch and are easy to apply with either a brush or your finger. Naturally a softer, more natural glow can be achieved with a brush but they are easy to build to a bright shine. They blend into the skin like a dream leaving you with a radiant glow. The shades are quite pigmented and do match the descriptors perfectly. The lilac is more pink with a golden shimmer but that just makes it more wearable as you can see from the swatches.

Surprisingly, I’m able to wear the two lightest shades as highlighters and the darker shade makes a wonderful shimmer eyeshadow. The shade Aloof Beauty has a sparkle that others don’t have but it makes it more noticeable on the skin. This one is definitely the hardest to photograph. I’ve not had any issues when using these highlighters but I don’t have sensitive skin. Any issues please remove and seek assistance immediately. All three shades are really easy to remove although you may find some shimmer particles remaining.

Overall, I am in love with the Zoeva Screen Queen highlighting palette. The packaging is elegant and suits the concept perfectly. The shades are perfect for a working MUA as I’m sure that they’ll be beautiful on all skin tones. The highlighters are soft, buttery, easy to blend and pigmented. They leave you with a radiant glow to the skin.

Aloof Beauty on Cheek; Absolutely Flawless on the brow
Absolutely Flawless on Brow; Pearls and Fine Silks on Lid

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Rach xx

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