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Illamasqua Liquid Eyeliner Pen Review

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a while since I reviewed an eyeliner of any sort and I don’t think I gave this a fair shot when I first tried it for a quick IG review.

At the moment this is only available on the Illamasqua website (see here) and retails for £21. You get 1.8 ml and this is cruelty free and vegan. You get free UK shipping on orders over £30 otherwise it’ll cost £2.50 as standard. I’m not sure what delivery is like from Illamasqua so if you’ve ordered from them let us know in the comments.

The packaging just screams Illamasqua. We have the traditional black and gold satin finish outer box that contains all product information including the ingredients. The pen itself is clad in black plastic and looks so sleek. The cap is a really tight fit (it clicks into place) to protect the nib and product from drying out. It’s effective as 5 months after opening, it’s still good as new. The pen is a nice size and shape for holding and the nib is quite thin.

There’s not much information on the company website but it’s describe this as a liquid liner formula with a colour intense, smudge proof finish. That’s it so I might as well crack on. As this is a pen eyeliner, it has a nib applicator rather than a brush which is why I wasn’t a fan at first. It took few goes to get the liquid to flow consistently through the nib but when it did, I got a good, even coverage. The colour is an intense, deep black that lasts for hours without cracking. I can’t say that it’s smudge proof. Even after hours of wear it’s easy to smudge with your finger.

I really struggled to apply this at first which is why I gave it a negative review initially. It was the nib that really made it hard. The skin on my eyelid moves quite a bit so I have to be quite gentle when applying liquid liner. At first, the nib did pull at the skin but I think that’s because the product wasn’t flowing and my technique wasn’t right. After modifying my technique, I’ve found it so much easier and the tip is the right shape for producing the perfect wing.

Overall, though it took some getting used too, I’m pretty happy with the Illamasqua eyeliner pen. The packaging is sleek and sophisticated which is completely on brand. Also the cap is fitted so well that the nib won’t dry up. The pen is comfortable to hold and isn’t heavy or unbalanced. I did need to adjust my technique to get the best application but that may not be an issue for everyone. The liner itself has intense colour, is long lasting and doesn’t crack although it does smudge quite easily.

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Rach xx

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