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Nails Inc. Nail Polish Review

Hi lovelies,

My collection of Nails Inc polishes have been growing from various sources. I’ve tried a couple because of Glossybox and I also bought a bundle through Money Saving Expert. Nails Inc have a variety of different varnish types including gel effect and neons however this post will focus solely on standard nail polish and maybe a glitter topper

You can pick up these nail polishes from the Nails Inc website (see here) as well as Superdrug and Look Fantastic. There is a huge range of colours available and they retail for £15 each. You get free UK shipping with Nail Inc on orders over £30; with Superdrug on orders over £15 and with Look Fantastic on orders over £25. All polishes are cruelty free and vegan.

I find the packaging to be quite sleek for a nail polish bottle. The shape and size makes holding and storing them pretty easy and they feel nice in the hand with the concave sides. It’s kind of genius really because the square cap means it doesn’t come undone and leak everywhere. The cap needs to be lifted slighted to unscrew it. The jar itself has some weight to it and feels sturdy. I doubt that it’ll be cracking in your case. Nails Inc also have a patented brush that is designed to work with your nail shape. It’s flatter and wider than most nail polish brushes.

One coat

First time properly reviewing nail varnish and I’m not entirely sure where to start. I guess the colour is a great place. The shade range is pretty incredible and there are a range of finishes including metallic, pearlescent and glitter. All of the shades I’ve tried have all been highly pigmented no matter the tone. Naturally some colours are richer, brighter or subtler and cooler but all have good pigment. The pearlescent one is the most subtle but the shift in colour is so pretty.

Two coats

The formula is easy to work with too. Not too thick or too runny and has pretty good coverage. It’s actually the easiest time I’ve had applying nail varnish. With the brush you only need a couple of swipes to cover the nail although I’d definitely advise more than one layer. It gives you the perfect even finish. The only down side is that they are quite easy to chip (another reason for a double layer). Using a top coat or base hasn’t helped with the chipping either. The glitter toppers are a little trickier to apply as you’ve gotta work to get an even distribution of the particles. Some of them do take longer to dry so be careful if you’re going to be layering them up.

Glitter Topper on thumb

Overall, I’m happy with the majority of shades from Nails Inc High Shine nail varnishes but I’m a little unimpressed with a couple. All shades are highly pigmented and offer good coverage. The metallics look like liquid metal and the pearlescent has a gorgeous shift in colour. The glitter ones are the ones that I’ve struggled with most usually because they either don’t spread evenly or dry quickly. So yeah, like with any nail product some I really love and some I’m not bothered about.

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Rach xx

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