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Avant Skincare Pro-Perfecting Collagen Primer Touche Eclat

Hi lovelies

Another product from Avant for you today. Let’s see if it’s always worth the cost.

You can purchase this primer from the Avant Skincare website (see here) as well as from Look Fantastic (see here). It retails for £85 for 30ml of product. You get free UK shipping from both sites when ordering this one and dispatch will take a couple of days with Look Fantastic. The Avant website states that orders are dispatched within 24 hours but I haven’t ordered direct from them to confirm.

One thing I’ve noticed browsing the Avant website there is a range called The Discovery Edit and I believe this is the range you get in a Glossybox. The Discovery Edit brings you some of Avant’s best selling items in more portable packaging which makes sense in a subscription box. Doesn’t make the products any cheaper though. The Discovery Edit comes in a squeezable tube while the OG looks to be in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser. Both come in an outer box containing all the product information including the ingredients. I don’t mind either one to be honest as they are both fairly hygienic.

The Avant Pro Perfecting Primer is described as a lightweight, silky, universal primer that instantly perfects the look of your skin and uses ingredients that work to create a canvas to enhance the look and wear of your makeup. It contains Centiol Sensoft to balance pH and mattify the skin; Isododecane to retain moisture and protect skin and finally Collagen to maintain skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A pea sized amount is recommended for covering the full face.

Skin before

There is no scent to this primer so it doesn’t smell amazing although it should be fine for those with sensitive skin. The formula is quite thin especially in comparison to their moisturizers but a little goes a long way. A pea sized amount really is all you need. It is easy to apply and is absorbed into the skin quickly leaving no residue behind. Unlike other primers there is no tackiness left on the skin. The biggest difference I noticed when using this is its mattifying properties. It takes a lot of shine out of the skin without leaving it too matte. My makeup also lasted longer before settling into the creases of my face but not by much.

Primer vs no primer

Overall, its pretty good but I’m not sure I’ll be spending £85 on this when I’ve found others that work better for a cheaper price. It mattifies the skin without leaving it too matte or dry looking. It helps your makeup last a little bit longer than without it but not so long that it’s worth the cost. So yeah not the best from Avant.

Primer vs no primer

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