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PS… My Perfect Colour (Primark) Double Coverage Matte Foundation Review

Hi lovelies,

Following on with our budget finds I took a trip to my local Primark to see what they had to offer. This is basically all I picked up for some reason (I spent a fortune on other shit).

The PS…My Perfect Colour Foundation is only available in Primark stores. Unfortunately there is no online shopping. This retails for £5.00 which is particularly cheap for foundation. I’m not sure how many shades are available but there wasn’t many to choose from on the shelves. I picked up the shade 07 Beige because it seemed the closest colour match.

I’m not too sure about the packaging. The bottle itself is fine; well made with some weight although the shape isn’t the most comfortable to hold. There’s a screw cap but no applicator. Just a stopper in the neck of the bottle which I dropped when I removed it, naturally. It does fit pretty tight making it great for travelling but it is a farce to remove every time you use the foundation. It’s a little awkward to get your product out the bottle as you have to pour it.

As the name suggests, this is full coverage foundation containing SPF 15. There’s not much information about this other than this is an oil free, long wear matte foundation. There was some oxidation when testing this on my hand but it is pretty minimal compared to other products I’ve tried. The formula is quite thick and most definitely a full coverage foundation. It is easy to apply and blend although it can look streaky when using a brush alone. It looks pretty even when you go over it with a sponge. There’s nothing natural looking about it once it’s on though. It’s a matte mask but I don’t dislike it.

Not going to lie it doesn’t smell great, no foundation does but this is particularly bad. Very chemically but it’s not noticeable for long. The foundation sits nicely on the skin without looking too cakey and covers blemishes well. It’s not the best at hiding skin texture if not blended enough. It works well with other cream/liquid products and sets easily with powder. The foundation isn’t disturbed by products used on top of it. It can settle into your fine lines quite quick if you don’t powder. It lasts for several hours before it starts breaking down in certain areas (forehead, nose, cheeks).

I’ve not had any other issues when using this foundation. No break outs or dry skin although I don’t have sensitive skin. If you have any issues please stop using and seek medical aid immediately.

Overall, for the price its actually a pretty good foundation. The bottle shape is a little annoying especially since there’s no dispenser/applicator however that’s what you get when you wanna keep things cheap. It’s definitely a matte, full coverage foundation, that sits and lasts well throughout the day. When blended with a sponge it looks good and works well with other products without being disturbed.

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Rach xx

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