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Sample Beauty Multi-Use Setting Liquid and Matte Eyeshadow Pigments Review-2 Shades

Hi lovelies,

During a recent Beauty Bay haul, I qualified for a Sample Beauty Lucky Dip freebie. I didn’t expect it to contain 6 items so I’ve split them into two posts.

The Sample Beauty Multi-Use Setting Liquid is only available from Beauty Bay (see here) for £12.95. The pigments are available from the Sample Beauty website (see here) and Beauty Bay (see here; individual links below). There is a huge range to choose from with each pigment retails for £5.95 but there’s often a sale to bring that price down.

The packaging is quite simple but effective and still nice. Each item comes in a sealed zip lock pouch with the pigment shade name and ingredients on the back. The pigments come in the standard packaging of a glass pot with a screw top. There’s a plastic cap inside to help keep the pigment packed into the jar and away from the lid. The jars feels sturdy with a good weight and the cap is very secure. The setting liquid comes packaged in a fairly similar way. There’s the same outer pouch but the liquid comes in a plastic bottle with an eyedropper cap. Inside the pouch is an additional pump applicator for use on the full face. The bottle is quite plain, kind of like a sample batch but it’s a way to keep the cost down.

I ended up with 2 matte shades of pigment; Psychedelic and Duckling. Psychedelic (Beauty Bay, Sample) is a neon pink while Duckling (Sample) is pastel yellow. Both pigments are cruelty free, vegan and multi-use. Use alone as an eyeshadow, with mixing liquid as an eyeliner or into a clear gloss or balm for a lip tint. You can also mix this with an eye base to create a coloured base. It’s advised to use an eyeshadow base under the pigments to stop them staining the skin. It doesn’t stop it entirely but it does minimise the staining a lot.

The setting liquid has become my new holy grail product for my neon eyeliner looks. One drop is all you need to transform your pigment into an eyeliner. The opacity of the eyeliner is determined by how much pigment you use. It works well with pigments with other brands too.

When doing the swatches, the pigments are easy to swipe with a single layer and are quite pigmented. There is a clear difference in finish between the neon and pastel pigments although both are still bright and eyecatching. The yellow pigment was quite streaky due to it forming into small balls in the jar. It’s not uncommon for loose pigments to do this as the pink was also the same as are my other pigments.

On the eye, the pigments perform really well and are fairly easy to work with which ever way you decide to use them. As loose pigments, they apply and blend without patchiness and can be built up for maximum pigment. They act very similar to standard shadows when used together for blending although there’s much more fallout. The yellow didn’t streak on the eye the way it did in the swatches. As an eyeliner, they retain their pigment even when dried and can even be blended together carefully. Only a thin layer is needed for a bright eyeliner, a thick layer will crack and flake away.

Both pigments used as eyeshadow and liner

Overall, I am so happy with these loose pigments and setting liquid from Sample Beauty. The packaging is nice and simple but perfectly functional. You can actually keep the pigment in the jars and not the lid. The setting liquid is perfect for transforming your pigments into liners without loosing any pigment and vibrancy in the process. I’m so glad that this works well with pigments from other brands. The pigments themselves are versatile and so pigmented. They are easy to build and blend and last hours without creasing.

Both shades used as eyeshadow and liner

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