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MUA Makeup Academy Shimmer Highlighter Power Review…Again!

Hi lovelies,

I ended up misplacing this one while I was reviewing the last one so hey ho another post (you can read the other here). I don’t often like gold based highlighters but this one looked light enough for me.

You can purchase the MUA Makeup Academy Shimmer Highlighters from the company website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here) and Superdrug (see here). You get free UK delivery on orders over £22 with MUA, £25 with Beauty Bay and £15 with Superdrug. I usually find Beauty Bay has the fastest shipping although I’ve not shopped directly with MUA. Superdrug can take a couple of days.

The packaging, although cheap, is more than adequate at protecting your product. The clasp for the lid is sturdy and isn’t going to be popping open but there was some tape keeping it closed during transit. The company and product names are on the front with all other information including shade name and ingredients are on the back. Like the Pearlescent shade, this has a pattern pressed into powder which really does show off the hue.

The shimmer highlight powder is a lightweight powder that adds a luminescent shimmer to your complexion. There are 7 shades to choose from that look to cover all skin tones with a variety of tones and hues. This time I picked up the shade Iridescent Gold which is a very pale gold suitable for paler skin. It can be applied all over for an added radiance or to the cheek and brow bones to accentuate your features.

Both MUA highlighters with flash
Both without flash

This shade is gorgeous and so different to the previous shade. It’s perfect for adding a warm, healthy glow to paler complexions. Although it’s fairly hard pressed, the formula is soft and easy to pick up with a brush or finger. Applied gently, this can add a natural glow to the skin or can be built up for a bright shine. It is easy to blend onto the skin without disturbing any products underneath. If applied heavily it can add emphasis to raised skin texture but blending can minimise this. There’s little colour cast on the skin when not in the light.

Overall, I am impressed with the MUA Makeup Academy Shimmer Highlighter. The price is amazing for the quality of the product. I mean its only the packaging that gives away it £3 pricing. Even then the compact is well made and sturdy with a strong clasp. The colour is so pretty and adds a gorgeous glow to your skin.

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Rach xx

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