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Revolution Skincare Brightening Boost Ginseng Eye Cream Review

Hi lovelies,

I’m properly trying to find affordable skin care for you guys. Let’s hope it’s pretty good I don’t often put much stock in cheap skincare.

I ended up purchasing this one from the Revolution Beauty website (see here) during Black Friday. You can also get this from Beauty Bay, Boots and Superdrug. This retails for £8 and you get 15ml of product. Shipping from both Revolution Beauty and Beauty Bay is fairly quick though Boots and Superdrug can take up to a week.

The packaging is fairly standard for an eye cream. It comes in an outer box where all product information, including ingredients and directions can be found. The cream comes in a small plastic pot with a screw cap. It’s not the most hygienic packaging but the opening is large enough for a spatula. I still find it really cute.

There’s a decent range of eye creams to choose from with each offering a different skin solution. I picked up the brightening boost for obvious reasons. It is cruelty free, vegan and fragrance free. This contains Niacinamide to brighten the skin and help even out skin tone. It also contains Ginseng which is believed to have brightening and refreshing properties. It has been formulated using Shea Butter to soften the skin and prevent dullness and dry patches. There’s also Glycerin for an added hydration boost.

The cream itself is quite thick and is unlikely to leak out of the jar when travelling with it. To be honest it doesn’t really move in the jar at all. It doesn’t smell great but then there’s no added fragrance so it should fine for sensitive skin. It is easy to get out of the pot and apply around the eyes although you don’t need to use much. It is absorbed into the skin quite quickly without residue leaving it soft to touch.

Before use

So I haven’t noticed a huge difference since I’ve started using this. The skin around my eyes is looking more hydrated with less texture visible giving the appearance of brighter eyes. That’s pretty much it. Keeping it in the fridge provides some cooling and reduces tired puffiness, again making the eyes look brighter.

After use

Overall, I’m kind of feeling a bit meh about the Revolution Skincare Ginseng Brightening Eye Cream. I really like the packaging despite the less than hygienic pot. It’s just so cute. The cream offers some additional hydration to the eye area giving the appearance of brighter eyes. It is easy to apply and is absorbed into the skin quickly without residue. So it’s not a wonder product but for £8 what do you expect.

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Rach xx

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