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MUA Makeup Academy Satin Lipstick Review-4 Shades

Hi lovelies,

I think this is the last MUA Makeup Academy review from last months Beauty Bay haul. We’ve finally got some more lip products for you.

The satin bullet lipsticks are available to buy from the MUA website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here) and Superdrug (here). They retail for £1.50 each so you know my poor arse had to try them. For some reason Superdrug has them priced at £2.50 each so I probably wouldn’t get them there. You get free UK delivery on orders over £22 with MUA, £25 with Beauty Bay and £15 with Superdrug.

The packaging is really cheap but I’m not particularly bothered when you consider the price. They didn’t arrived damaged and the lipstick rolls up smoothly which is really all that matters. The cap snaps securely into place and won’t be coming off in your bag. The ingredients list for each shade is also included on the cap under the barcode sticker (this is easy to peel off). The shade names can be found on the bottom.

There are 9 shades to choose from with a variety of red, pink and brown tones all cruelty free and vegan. I grabbed four and since I’m living for pink lipstick at the moment I got 2, plus a burgundy and an orange. Naturally I wanted to see how different the shades so I swatched them and was quite surprised. There is a clear difference between the colours even between the two pinks although the burgundy looked a little paler than I’d expect.

On the lips, they are gorgeous. The shades do look a bit different on lips when compared with the arm with the exception of the burgundy. Putting that on the lips absolutely transformed it into a much deeper and richer colour. The formula is smooth and buttery and glides onto the lips easily. The shape of the tip also helps with the application allowing you to achieve sharp edges without the need for lip liner. Naturally they do transfer throughout the day as they don’t dry down so be sure to keep your lipstick on you for touch ups. A huge positive though is they feel so nourishing on your lips. My lips felt soft and hydrated after wearing one all day.

Shade: Romance (pink)
Shade: Fancy (orange)

Overall, I really have no complaints for the MUA Makeup Academy Satin Bullet Lipsticks. The packaging is definitely on the cheaper end of the scale but for £1.50 RRP per lipstick you can’t be surprised. It is still adequate for its protection and application purposes. There are a good variety of day wear shades available and there are clear differences in colour between the shades. The formula is buttery and glides onto the lips easily although it does transfer easily too. They left my lips feeling soft and hydrated.

Shade: Dream Girl (pink)
Shade: Deja Vu (burgundy)

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Rach xx

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