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Sample Beauty Loose Eyeshadow Shimmer Pigments Review-5 Shades

Hi lovelies,

I have the other half of the Sample Beauty Lucky Dip from my last haul. If you haven’t seen it already be sure to check out the review on the matte pigments and mixing liquid here.

The pigments are available from the Sample Beauty website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here). They retail for £5.95 each and all are cruelty free and vegan. I still haven’t ordered directly from Sample Beauty in order to see their shipping but with Beauty Bay it arrived within 2 days of ordering. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £25 with Beauty Bay and £20 with Sample Beauty.

The packaging is the same as the matte ones with each shade coming in a sealed zip lock bag. All product information including the shade name and ingredients can be found on the back. Like most loose pigments, the Sample Beauty ones come in little glass jars with a screw cap. There’s a plastic cap in the jar to help keep the pigments from going everywhere. Although not fixed into place, it works really well at stopping the pigment from covering the cap. The shade name is also on the bottom of each jar.

There is a decent shade range to choose from and I ended up with 5 shades; 3 from the lucky dip and 2 I’d bought previously. There’s a mistake in the product description for the shade “Your Stylish Self” on the Sample site. It is not a matte shade as described but rather a shimmery coral red. I also bought the shade Kaytee which is green with gold reflects. From the lucky dip I received Missa which is a royal blue shimmer, Brittny a teal with gold reflects and also Brisk a pastel blue with pink reflects.

All of the shades can be used alone as an eyeshadow although it is recommended to use a pigment glue to keep them in place. Sample also recommend using an eye base to protect your skin from temporary staining. You can also use a mixing/setting liquid to create a paint that can be used on the eyes, face and body. On top of that you can mix the with a clear gloss to create a sparkly lip topper. You gotta love a versatile product, I know I do.

When doing the swatches, they were really quite wishy washy alone especially the shade Your Stylish Self. I ended up using a swatch stencil and some P.Louise base to try and show them off better. They stuck to the wet base well although Your Stylish Self and Brisk looked a little patchy. As you can see in the images the pigment still went everywhere.

With flash
Without flash

On the eye, they performed so much better. As powders all the shades stuck well to my tacky base but some were a lot more powerful in pigment. I got the best out of them when I packed them onto my base or used them gently for an inner corner highlight. As paints, they all perform well keeping their shine and solidifying their pigment. I found them much easier to work with as a paint.

For me personally, Kaytee and Brittny were the stand out shades, performing well as both powder and paint. Soft, full of pigment and with gorgeous reflects, they were easy to apply and looked stunning. Your Stylish Self loses a lot of it’s pigment and reflect when applying although it can be built up and is stunning as a paint. Both Missa and Brisk can be a little patchy on application but with some work they can be built up to a good finish. Missa can also lose some shimmer with blending but the pigment is fine.

Kaytee on lid
Brittny as liner

These pigments have some major staying power. Being shimmer pigments , I use them mostly on my lid and they don’t crease for hours. As liners they really don’t move until removal time. There is some fallout for all of the shades which doesn’t surprise me at all considering they’re loose pigments. It is easily cleaned up though I recommend doing your eyes first. All the shades are pretty easy to remove though the red can be a little stubborn and has minimal staining when using a base.

Brisk and Missa on lid
Your Stylish Self on inner corner and liner

Overall, I’m so happy with the Loose Shimmer Pigments from Sample Beauty. For the price, you get a good amount of product and the packaging is premium quality. They can be a little awkward to use but look amazing. Some shades require more work than others as powders but as paints they are superb. They have good pigment and shine and last for hours without creasing. I’ve definitely fallen in love with a couple of them.

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Rach xx

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