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Doll Beauty Doll Light Highlighter Review

Hi lovelies,

Sorry for the highlighter overload recently but this is another item I received in the Doll Beauty Lucky Dip. I don’t think I mentioned it in the last post but I loved the design of the delivery box. Pink, covered in hearts and designed to look like an envelope. Oh so cute.

Anyway, the Doll Beauty highlighters can be purchased from the company website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here). The single highlighters retail for £15 for 12g. Standard shipping (3-5 days) for the Lucky Dip box was £3.50 and it arrived within a week. You get free UK shipping on orders over £30 with Beauty Bay but standard is £2.50.

The packaging is pretty standard for Doll Beauty with it’s pink outer box. The heart and script on the front make it instantly recognizable which I love. It’s odd but the company name is not on the front only the product an shade names. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back. The highlighter itself comes in a pink compact which is well made and has a good weight to it. There was a bubble wrap pouch around the compact to protect it during transit. There’s a good size mirror in the lid with a strong clasp to keep it closed. The powder has hearts pressed into it. Love the attention to detail.

There are a couple of shades available but there seems to be some shades in the palettes that are not available as singles which is a shame. Hopefully it’s just high demand of shades. I was sent Like A Diamond which is a pale pink shimmer (according to Beauty Bay) and is a frosty sister to Shine Bright. The website describes this as a luxurious, highly pigmented highlighter that is perfect for fair to medium skin tones.

The highlighter is soft and silky to touch. It’s a strange but gorgeous shade on my skin. It’s a pigmented gold with an icy pink reflect. The pink is quite subtle, though it does add another dimension to the highlighter. It’s on the paler side of gold highlighters which is perfect for me and it doesn’t leave a colour cast. It is easy to apply and blend without disturbing the base products under it. A subtle glow can be achieved with a light application or you can build up the intensity for a high shine finish.

Overall, I’m really happy with the Doll Light Highlighter from Doll Beauty. The packaging is what I would expect from them; pink, cute and high quality. It will definitely protect your powder during your travels. The highlighter itself is soft and highly pigmented while being easy to apply and blend. A little goes a long and can be worn as a subtle glow or an intense blinding shine.

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Rach xx

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