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Special Effects Makeup: Making Horns

Hi lovelies,

I’ve been prepping for Halloween, what a surprise! The last time I discussed creating horns, I was making small ones for the forehead using latex (see here). This time I wanted to make some big ass curled demon horns which requires a different approach. You can mould and cast your horns as well but I haven’t got round to learning that yet.

What you need

Making the horns is quite simple which I found watching an ElliMacs Tutorial (Youtube). You will need some aluminium foil and some duct tape. That’s it for the actual horns. You may need something to attach them too as well (see below). Simply scrunch your foil into the desired shape and length, using strips to create the desired thickness and trimming the tip to create a sharp point. Make sure to keep the thick end flat so you can apply them. Once done, wrap the horns in strips of duct tape, layering them over each other to create some details. And your horns are complete.

The Process (sorry for the terrible filming at times)

There are a couple of ways to wear these horns. Using a hot glue gun, you can attach them to a plain headband that you can find in any craft store. As I had neither of these items, I decided to plant them into a forehead prosthetic. To do this, mix up a flour and latex paste keeping it quite thick to sculpt and hold the horns. Once dry, you can use a glue gun to secure the horns position and attach the prosthetic using a skin adhesive.

Flour and Latex paste
Sneak Peek Horns in Prosthetic

Another way to include horns in special effects makeup is to use air dry clay. This is perfect for small horns that can be studded into a prosthetic or stuck on with a skin adhesive. Simply mold your clay into the desired shape though nothing too big unless you’re casting it. I’ve been using silk clay which is pretty lightweight and can be painted when dry. There’ll be a more in depth review of the silk clay in coming weeks so I don’t want to say much. It may be easier to craft your horns directly onto the makeup application (using it wet) depending on the clay you use and where you’re attaching it.

Air Dry Clay

Thanks for reading. I really hope that you’ve found this helpful and be sure to comment your creations if you give it a try. Don’t forget to hit that like, follow or leave us a comment. Maybe even join our email list if you loved it. I apologize in advance for the upcoming Halloween Content. We’ve got a good amount this year and not all crafting and special effects either.

Rach xx

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