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Makeup Revolution Skull Highlighter Witches Potion Review

Hi lovelies,

As soon as I saw this, I HAD to have it. I love a good skull bottle and this is by far the cutest and smallest one I’ve seen.

You can purchase this highlighter from the Revolution Beauty website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (see here). This retails for £5 and is cruelty free and vegan. You get free UK delivery on orders over £20 with Beauty Bay and £30 with Revolution Beauty. Standard is £2.50 and £2.99 respectively. You orders will arrive within a few days from both companies.

As you can probably tell, I adore the packaging. The bottle is made of glass which is surprising for the price. It is a good weight and feels quite sturdy to protect your product. As it’s a liquid highlighter the applicator is an eye dropper. It dispenses a small amount of product although there’s a fair amount on the outside surface of the dropper.

I was so in love with the packaging that I didn’t even notice the shade until after I’d bought it. Oops. This is a sparkling blue-black liquid highlighter that can also be used to create a dark blood drip effect. To be honest I’m loving the shade in the bottle but I’m really not sure how this will look on the skin.

Ok so this is daaaaaark. I can’t really use this as a highlighter as it blends out to a grey smudge and leaves a cast to my skin. The problem with this is that it is really pigmented and even a small amount is hard to blend out. Plus it got stuck in and showed the fine hairs on my face too. However, it does work as part of any Halloween makeup that requires some dark sparkle because its got plenty of that. I’m actually in love with the sparkle of this. It works fabulously for creating controlled drips as it’s not too runny and catches the light well.

Overall, I’m a feeling a little meh over this one. It looks absolutely gorgeous in the bottle but is way too dark to be used as a highlighter for me. I’m in love with the reflects and I’ll definitely be pulling it out for Halloween but overall I didn’t find it great. I still love the bottle though it’s probably going to be a decoration from now. Sorry Makeup Revolution.

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Rach xx

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1 thought on “Makeup Revolution Skull Highlighter Witches Potion Review”

  1. That looks pretty cool honestly. I could see doing some awesome goth looks with this highlighter. The bottle reminds me of old hot topic nail polish . They used to have some awesome colors


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