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Makeup Revolution X Corpse Bride Upstairs Downstairs Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

So I had no intention of buying anything from this particular collection. Lo and behold I decided on a Halloween theme for the blog and bought half of it. Naturally.

You can purchase the Upstairs Downstairs palette from the Revolution Beauty website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here) and Superdrug (here). It retails for £20 but there’s currently a sale on Beauty Bay and it’s 20% off. You get free UK delivery when you spend £30 with Revolution; £20 with Beauty Bay and £25 with Superdrug. From past experiences, Beauty Bay and Revolution offer the fastest shipping though Superdrug will have it with you within a week.

The packaging is really cute and I love the attention to detail. The outer box and the palette have the same design featuring scenes from Corpse Bride. The company and collaboration names are written in metallic blue lettering that fits perfectly. There’s a shade plan on the front of the outer box but all other product information including the ingredients can be found on the back. The palette opens from the middle and each door has a quote on the inside in the same blue lettering. Victor’s vows have been printed on the protective plastic covering the shades. The palette is a good size and weight although it is a little awkward to hold.

This is a 24 pan palette with a range of cool and warm tones. We have an even number of matte and shimmer shades which I love and the shade range is absolutely perfect for this collaboration. There’s a great mix of shades with plenty of options for blending and adding shine which allows for a variety of looks to be created. The pans are a decent size for the cost of the palette and I love the additional details stamped into them.

When doing the swatches, the majority of matte shades felt soft. A couple of them (Moonlight and Downstairs) felt a little hard and weren’t the easiest to swatch. A few of the lighter transition shades did need a few layers to build that pigment but they swatched smoothly. Pretty much all of the shimmers swatched beautifully although the shade True Love felt like it had been pressed too hard. I had to dig into the pan more than once to get that swatched.

On the eye, the shadows perform mostly perform pretty well. Although the mattes aren’t the most pigmented shades, you can build the layers to get the most out of them and they blend easily. The deep red shade was the most gorgeous and pigmented yet it was still really easy to blend. The shade Downstairs doesn’t blend too far and you’ve got to keep dipping into the pan but its not patchy in the slightest on application. The shimmers are a little odd. Most of them are quite subtle for Makeup Revolution but they are gorgeous. I did struggle to apply them with a brush and found it easier to use my finger-the shade Betrayal was so crumbly with the brush. Vows is a gorgeous gold and pink duo-chrome shade that applies the easiest of all the shimmers. All have good shine and sparkle in the light.

There was some staining on my eye from the shades Bouquet, Downstairs and True Love that lasted for about a day. True Love stained the worst as a bright pink. There was a quite a lot of kickback in the pans for the majority of the matte shades but very little fallout under the eye. There was a small amount of kickback for the shimmers but they produced a lot more fallout. As I said above some of the shades (both matte and shimmer) seemed to be pressed a little too hard which has made the shades harder to work with. Harder not impossible though.

Overall, despite the issues I am quite happy with the Upstairs Downstairs palette from the Makeup Revolution x Corpse Bride collaboration. I’m in love with the packaging and all the extra little details that have been put into it. The shade range is a great representation of the film and offers a wide variety that work together. The shadows aren’t the most pigmented but they are buildable and easy to blend. The shimmers although subtle are gorgeous.

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Rach x

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