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Creotime Standard Silk Clay 6 Pack Review

Hi lovelies,

Crafting posts are like buses on this blog. You wait all year then 2 come at once. Welcome to the Halloween. I’ve been after some air dry clay for a while now as it so useful for special effects makeup. This may not be the best value for money but it was what I needed for this years series.

You can find a lot of Silk Clay to purchase through a Google Search but I grabbed this set from Hobbycraft (see here). It retails for £5.50 and you get 6 tubs containing 14 grams of clay. You get free UK shipping on orders over £25 with Hobbycraft or go to your nearest craft store.

There’s not much to say about the packaging really. The tubs come in a clear plastic tube that is quite handy for keeping them together. I love the fact they come in airtight tubs to protect your remaining clay and they succeed in that. I’ve not had any issues with my clay drying out.

According to the product description, this is a smooth, lightweight clay that dries with a foamlike surface. It’s perfect for sculpturing, shaping, modelling and making embellishments as well as coating, wrapping and covering a variety of surfaces. You can also mix your own colours and is a no mess solution to alternative modelling clays. It has a drying time of 2-24 hours depending on the model size and thickness and can also be painted with almost any kind of paint.

So it’s not the best value for money that you can find when you consider how much clay you get. However, this was perfect for my needs as my projects have been quite small. Bigger tubs and more colours are available depending on your needs. Obviously the more you buy the better the value will be.

The clay itself is absolutely wonderful to work with. It feels more like rubber than clay as it is pretty elastic but its not sticky at all. I dropped a piece and had a moment of oh god but it just lifted right off the carpet only picking up a few stray hairs. It does have a bit of a weird smell almost like play-doh but not as sweet. The smell does slightly transfer onto the hands during crafting but it goes when you wash them.

The colours are really bright and don’t dull during the drying time. Neither do they transfer when crafting. The silk clay was really easy to craft into different shapes and also to stick together. Drying times will vary depending on the project-it took a full 24 hours for my horns to dry. It has a very interesting finish. It is squishy when dry not hard and brittle like most clay but foamlike and bouncy. It’s also very lightweight when dry making it perfect for special effects makeup. It will adhere to the skin with either latex or spirit gum.

Overall, I am so happy with this purchase of the Creotime Silk Clay. I love been able to get small amounts of different colours even if it is slightly more expensive. The packaging is fairly basic but it is perfectly suited for the purpose of protecting your remaining clay. The clay itself is great to work with and the product description is 100% accurate. I’d highly recommend as a project for kids or for lightweight special effects makeup. It’s versatile and easy to use while being mess free.

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Rach xx

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