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Makeup Revolution x Corpse Bride Lipstick Collection Review-3 Shades

Hi lovelies,

Sorry for the Makeup Revolution overload but I’m not that sorry as its Halloween…and we have more Corpse Bride products for you. Three lipsticks were created as part of this collection and of course I grabbed all three for you. The shades are inspired by the three main characters: Victor, Emily and Victoria.

The lipsticks can be purchased individually from Revolution Beauty (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here) and Superdrug (here). Each shade retails for £5 and you get 3.2 grams of product. All 3 are cruelty free and vegan. You get free UK delivery when you spend £30 with Revolution; £20 with Beauty Bay and £25 with Superdrug. From past experiences, Beauty Bay and Revolution offer the fastest shipping though Superdrug will have it with you within a week.

The packaging is so cute. The matte black outer box is embossed with thorny vines on the sides with each characters torso on the front. Brand and shade names are written in metallic blue all around the box and there’s also a sticker on the top showing the shade. The lipstick component is the same although it’s only embossed on the front. The square shape is surprisingly comfortable to hold when applying. Each character has their own symbol that is on the top of both the outer box and lipstick case. The cap of the lipstick fits snugly and the mechanisms roll smoothly. There’s a skull carving in the lipsticks too which I love.

As mentioned above, the shades are inspired by the three main characters: Victor, Emily and Victoria. Victor is a matte nude; Emily is a matte pink and Victoria is a matte red. They are like the perfect base of lipsticks shades that you will need. I swatched them, of course and there is a clear difference between the shades. They are highly pigmented but not ridiculously bright. When applied to the lips, there’s no change to the lipsticks tone. They are all easy to apply and have a smooth, creamy formula. They blend well with lip liners but they can be worn alone. Each have a matte finish but they don’t dry your lips as the formula stays creamy. They don’t feel greasy at all either. Naturally they do transfer but not as much as you’d think: a lot of pigment remains on the lips.

Overall, I am really happy with these lipsticks from the Makeup Revolution x Corpse Bride Collection. They’re nothing new or exciting but they are amazing for the price. The packaging is so cute and completely matches the theme of the product. The lipsticks are easy to apply, have high pigment and feel lightweight. They have a matte finish that doesn’t dry your lips out although they do transfer a little.


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Rach xx


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