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P.Louise Cosmetics Squad Ghouls Duo-Chrome Pigments Review

Hi lovelies,

Probably should have done this post during Halloween month however I got them as part of the Trick or Treat Mystery Box towards the end of the month. I’m pretty sure these have only been released recently.

The Squad Ghouls Duo-Chrome pigments are available from the P.Louise website (see here). They retail for £45 and you get 4 shades. They seem a little pricey but this is a fair individual price bracket for duo chrome loose pigments. P.Louise offers UK shipping for £1 and it’s usually delivered within a couple of days.

The packaging is typical P.Louise; cute with a touch of camp. The pigments come together in an outer box with a white and pink ombre colouring. Designed for Halloween, there’s a “claw mark” peep hole to glimpse the pigments. All details and text are done in metallic gold. The ingredients can be found on the back of the box. The pigments come in individual pots which is the industry standard and each lid has a design correlating to the shade name. It’s that extra P.Louiseness. Each pot also has a protective seal beneath the lid. Be very careful peeling this off.

The product description states that these have been developed with a foiled, duo-chrome reflex. They have a finely milled, loose glitter consistency to achieve an intense finish. They should have a light reflecting, lustrous finish with an intense shine. The four shades are Bat B*tch (green/blue reflex), In The Spirit (gold/green reflex), Pumpkin Pie (copper/green reflex) and Spell On You (gold/pink reflex).

When doing the swatches, the pigments were so soft and silky. They created a smooth swipe that wasn’t chalky or clumpy in any way. Even though we have repeating colours, the four shades look completely different to each other. The duo-chrome reflects are gorgeous although very difficult to capture on camera. There is a clear shift of pigment for all the shades.

On the eye, these are simply stunning and quite easy to work with. Since they are so finely milled I’ve not been putting much on my brush to keep the fallout to a minimum. And it’s worked too. Plus they’re fine enough to stick to a tacky eye base without the need for glitter glue. You don’t need to use much to achieve an intense pop of colour and shine. They sparkle like crazy.

On the lid, these last for hours without creasing and have amazing staying power. Trust me I rubbed my eye and the pigment remained. Being finely milled loose pigments, they can go everywhere so be very careful when opening and handling the pots. I’ve not had any issues when using these pigments although I don’t have sensitive eyes. If you have any issues please stop using and seek medical advice.

In the Spirit
In the Spirit

Overall I am over the moon with the Squad Ghouls duo-chrome pigments from P.Louise. The packaging is the perfect combination of cute and camp while sporting a Halloween theme. It works perfectly. The pigments themselves are absolutely insane. They are so finely milled that they’re velvety soft and apply smoothly. They offer an intense pop of colour and shine while the duo-chrome reflect adds another dimension to any look.

Bat B*tch
Bad B*tch

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Spell On You
Spell On You

Rach xx

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