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P.Louise Cosmetics Lip Base Review

Hi lovelies,

We have another item from the large P.Louise Halloween box. It really was a brilliant deal as it contained £148 worth of products.

The lip bases are available from the P.Louise website (see here). They retail for £10 and you get 15ml of product. You get UK shipping for £1 from P.Louise and worldwide shipping is available. Even during black Friday sales I’ve never waited more than a week for my order to arrive.

The packaging is a little more on the simple side for P.Louise than usual. The outer box is fairly standard and contains all product information and some directions of use. I love that parts of the box decals are coloured to match the shade inside. The tube contains the same design as the box and has an applicator on the end of it.

According to the P.Louise website, the lip bases are a creamy, long-wearing lipstick with a revolutionary formula. They have a velvety matte texture and an insane colour payoff so you only need a small amount. There’s no cracking, flaking or creasing. They contain Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Acid to keep your lips hydrated during wear. It can also be used on the cheeks and the applicator gives you precise application.

There are 14 shades available and it’s a fairly good range. Naturally it could be better but that will come with time and the ones so far offer a decent variety for all skin tones. I was sent the shade Devour which is a vivid coral with a hint of vibrant orange. Not going to lie it’s not a shade I would have picked for myself but that’s the danger of a mystery box.

First things first, I really dislike the applicator. I found it so hard to get a precise, even application with it and ended up using far too much product. Ultimately, I used a flat lipstick brush to get the best out of it. When using the brush, I used a minimal amount to achieve a smooth, even finish with a sharp edge that didn’t bleed.

Using a brush
Using the applicator

The formula has a pretty unique consistency for a lipstick. Its not thick and drying like a matte liquid lipstick nor is it creamy like a satin bullet lipstick. It’s almost a thinner liquid lipstick that feels more like a matte bullet lipstick. It’s really difficult to describe but it’s not like any other lipsticks I’ve tried before (see image below). It feels lightweight to wear but I found it slightly drying after a period of time. However, true to description there is no cracking or flaking.

Top is P.Louise lip base, Middle is Sugarpill Matte Liquid, Bottom is MUA Cosmetics Satin Bullet

Unfortunately I didn’t find it overly pigmented or really long lasting either. It kind of looked a bit wishy washy, almost like a lip tint than a lipstick, especially in comparison to other products. However, that might just be this particular shade. I’ll keep you updated if I get anymore. There was some transfer of product after the initial application that seemed to lift some of the pigment away and it didn’t last longer than a couple of hours before needing to be refreshed.

Overall, I feel a little bit meh about this product. Sorry P.Louise; this is a first. Maybe it’s just the colour that made it seem so unimpressive. The packaging is fairly standard although you usually find these tubes used for gloss or balm. I also didn’t like the applicator however when using a brush the lip base applied smoothly with a sharp outline. It feels lightweight to wear with minimal drying and it has a matte finish.

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Rach xx

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