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Boots The Beauty Showstopper Box Review

Hi lovelies,

Happy New Year everyone. Hopefully it’s off to a good start for you. So, I don’t have a beauty advent calendar for y’all this year but I did get the Boots Best of Beauty box for my birthday.

The Beauty Showstopper Box from Boots is a hugely popular item that returns each November and features the most popular beauty must haves. Last years sold out in a day I think. This years box retailed for £80 and was available from Boots.

It features 30 products from some of the most loved brands which have a total value of £345. We have NARS, Huda, MAC to name a few with many brands that I haven’t tried before. That’s the part that I love most about these kinds of boxes…getting to discover new brands and products that I may not take a chance on usually.

The box is pretty good although I do wish there was a better ratio of makeup to skincare. There’s only 4 makeup products and 2 pre-makeup skincare items. Being the best in beauty box I figured there’d be more makeup items. But hey at least the ones in there are on the more expensive side even if they are minis. Honestly though the packaging of the minis is super cute.

However, despite that, there is a really good selection of products inside. We’ve got various creams, serums, spot solutions, toners, hair products etc. There’s a couple of samples and mini products but we mostly have full sized items which is fabulous. We have some pretty expensive skincare brands with many again that I have not tried before. I’ve not got round to trying that many yet but so far so good with the ones I have.

Overall, I’m pretty stoked to with the Boots The Beauty Showstopper Box. There’s so many brands and products in it that I’ve never tried before. I’m really excited to fully try everything in here and review items for you all. There’s a good range of items although I do wish there was a bit more makeup in there.

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Rach xx

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