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GlamGlow Bright Mud Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment Mask Review

Hi lovelies,

Back with yet another item from the Boots Beauty Showstopper Box. I don’t think there’s too many items left now to be honest.

The BrightMud Exfoliating Treatment Mask is available to purchase from the GlamGlow website (see here) as well as Boots (here) and LookFantastic (here). This is available in two sizes: full size 65g tube retailing for £45 and a travel size 15g tube for £16. You qualify for free UK shipping with no minimal spend with GlamGlow and on orders over £25 with Boots and LookFantastic. Having never shopped direct with GlamGlow I’m not sure about delivery although they do state dispatch can take 2-5 days.

I was sent a sample size that is packaged in a tube that looks similar to the mini and full size items. The cap is secure and with the product being so thick I wouldn’t expect any leaks. Looking online, the full size tube comes in an outer box that has a unique design. The tube is easy to squeeze and dispenses the product smoothly.

According to the product description, this dual action exfoliant works chemically and physically to buff away dead skin cells. Formulated with lactic acid (AHA), salicylic acid (BHA) and microfine pumice to penetrate deeper into the skin and allow for a thorough exfoliation. It also contains niacinamide and vitamin C to even dull complexions and brighten the skin. Instructions are to apply, leave on for 20 minutes then add water to exfoliate before rinsing off.

Just a bit of a note here. On the days you use this mask, it may be wise to give other AHA rich products a miss. AHAs increase the skins sensitivity to sunlight so it is advised to not use more than one at any time.

Anywho. The exfoliant is quite thick and definitely has the texture of a mask. You can feel the physical exfoliants in there but its not too rough on the skin with light pressure. I did find it a little tricky to apply an even layer as it didn’t really spread…if that makes sense. It dries like a clay mask then transforms with water for added exfoliation. For the most part, it was fairly easy to rinse off. It left my skin feeling soft and looking brighter however does it perform better than other exfoliators….I’m not sure.

Before Use

One thing I don’t particularly like about GlamGlow is the glitter in their products. I don’t want glitter in my skincare, I don’t like glitter in my skincare. Personal preference but it seems completely wrong. Even after rinsing this off, there’s glitter left behind. Shame really. It’s the only thing that stops me loving this mask and honestly GlamGlow in general. I’ve not had any issues when using this mask although I don’t have sensitive skin. If you are having problems, please stop using and seek medical advice.

After Use

Overall, I’m not mad keen with the BrightMud Dual Action Exfoliating Treatment Mask from GlamGlow. For its price I kind of expected so much more. The full size packaging looks cute and functional and the sample tube easily dispensed the product. The texture is thick and creamy though you can definitely feel the exfoliating particles. Although it left my skin feeling softer and looking brighter, it also left a lot of glitter behind too. Not sure if it performs better than other exfoliators though for the price.

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