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Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit Review

Hi lovelies,

I’m really sorry for the sporadic posting recently. Life has become a right juggling act.

The Barry M Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit is available to purchase from the company website (see here) as well as Superdrug (here) and LookFantastic (here). It retails for £6.99 and comes in two complexion shades. You get free UK shipping on orders over £25 with all 3 companies though they can take up to a week to arrive.

The packaging is cute with a geometric design that is coloured differently for each palette. It’s the perfect size for popping into your bag and feels well made. The company and palette names are on the front in clear easy to read text with all other product information on the back. The lid has a magnetic closure with easy to follow application instructions on the inside.

I bought this as part of the Pretty Natural Essentials Goodie Bag and received the one for medium to dark skin tones that doesn’t seem to be available as a single item anymore. The light to medium palette is still readily available. Both palettes contain 3 shades; a light powder for highlighting; a medium for bronzing and a dark for contouring.

When doing the swatches, all of the powders felt soft to the touch and laid down smooth and evenly. They look to be reasonably pigmented although I do think the shades need adjusting. For a medium to dark skin tone palette, these shades look way too light. I have a fairly pale complexion so I should not be able to use the contour however it’s only slightly too dark me. I could probably use this in the summer.

On the face, the powder perform well both alone and on top of a set base. They are easy to apply and blend without lifting or moving other products. Neither do they move when other products are applied over them. There is a clear difference between the three shades and they work well together to create a sculpted look. The highlighting powder does a great job at providing additional coverage to the undereyes and all last without creasing.

Overall, I’m quite impressed with the Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit from Lottie London even if the shades could be improved a little. For me, this palette could have a darker shade for deeper skin tones. However, the packaging is well made and it’s the perfect travelling companion. The shades are pigmented, easy to apply and blend as well as work well with other products. Not bad for £6.99.

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Rach xx

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