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Fable and Mane HoliRoots Hair Oil Review

Hi lovelies,

Another item from the Boots Beauty Showstopper Box. Still working our way through the last couple of items and we have this one that I didn’t think would be best suited to me. But here goes.

The Fable and Mane HoliRoots Hair Oil is available to purchase from the company website (see here) as well as Boots (here) and Cult Beauty (here). It comes in three sizes; 14.4ml for £14, 55ml for £29 and 100ml for £42. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £50 from Fable and Mane, and on orders over £25 from Boots and Cult Beauty.

The packaging is fairly simple but perfectly suited to the product. There’s an outer box containing all product information including the ingredients. The oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper for application. I really like it as it makes it easy to get the product out of the bottle without getting oil everywhere. A full dropper is recommended for use which is a good amount of product. The packaging is secure and doesn’t leak though I don’t think I’ll be taking this on any travels.

According to the product description, this is a lightweight, pre-wash hair and scalp treatment oil that promotes hair to grow stronger and healthier. It is colour safe and suitable for all hair types as well as silicone free, cruelty free and vegan. It contains Ashwagandha to help strengthen the scalp and thicken fine hair; Dashmool to promote healthy scalp circulation to encourage hair growth; and Castor Oil for clean, healthy hair. The first two products are also natural remedies to adapt to stress and to calm the nerves. Best used as part of a weekly routine.

First thing I noticed was its scent. It smells gorgeous. It’s layered with many natural products from India creating a rich and complex fragrance that isn’t overpowering in any way. The oil is quite thin and easy to use though it can be a bit tricky getting it on your scalp rather than just your hair. It’s also easy to use too much and leave your hair feeling greasy which it shouldn’t do. I’m not too sure about this oil though. After a couple of uses my hair is feeling stronger and thicker (I think) but it’s definitely lost some its softness. I’ve been leaving it on overnight for the best results but you can rinse it off after 5 minutes.

Overall, I’m really unsure of this one from Fable and Mane. The packaging is ideal for a hair oil as the dropper makes it easy to apply and the bottle is well made without leaks. The oil itself is quite thin and smells gorgeous but it can make your hair greasy if too much is applied. I have noticed some improvements to my scalp and my hair feels stronger. It did loose some softness though after use. I’ll keep testing it though as I have a feeling this will be a long use item.

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Rach xx

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