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Barry M Tropical Twist Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Another item from one of the Value Makeup Bags courtesy of Barry M. This palette is cruelty free and vegan. I have to apologise now…for the first time ever I completely forgot to take pictures before I used this palette. Had a moment, please forgive me.

Although the Tropical Twist palette is listed individually on LookFantastic (here) and Asos (here); it seems to only be in stock on Ebay which I wouldn’t recommend. Other than that it’s available as part of 2 value bags. I picked up the Glitterfest bag (here) that retails for £20 and is great value for money for the summer festival season.

The packaging isn’t what I’ve come to expect from Barry M since they went eco friendly. It’s definitely more old school with a sturdy, plastic case that feels well made and is a good size and weight. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the back of the palette. The lid snaps firmly into place keeping it secure but there’s no mirror. Not that it needs one. The pans are a good size too.

This is an 18 pan palette containing 7 matte shades, 3 with a slight shimmer and 8 full metallic shades. I’m not overly keen on the shade range as a whole. It’s not very cohesive for creating full looks but more like a bunch of individual shades has been thrown in there. I wish some of the lighter mattes had been switched for some other colours to add some variety for the range of shimmers.

When doing the swatches, the majority of the shadows felt soft but a little bit chalky. The exception being the two reds and the blue which felt a little hard. Some of the matte shades did need two or three layers for an even swatch. The shimmers swatched smoothly with more pigment than the mattes and look stunning.

On the eye, the shadows perform well. The mattes aren’t the most pigmented however they can be layered up for more definition. There’s not a hint of the chalkiness seen in the finger swatches and the shades are easy to blend. The shimmers really are the highlight of this palette though. They are easy to apply smoothly and with good pigment that can be intensified with a little water. They blend well with each other and they work well with other palettes too. The shimmers also last for hours without creasing.

There is kickback in the pan for most of the shades and the shimmers produce noticeable fallout under the eye. Neither of these are massive issues for me but be sure to do your eyes before your base when using these shimmers. I’ve not had any other issues when using this palette.

Overall, I’m a little bit meh about the Tropical Twist palette from Barry M Cosmetics. The packaging is definitely older and isn’t recyclable. Shame really as this is a major reason why I love Barry M so much. When looking at the palette as a whole, I’m not really bothered but the shimmers are quite stunning. The mattes aren’t the most pigmented and the shades don’t really work well together. Another palette is definitely needed to make use of the fabulous shimmers.

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Rach xx

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