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Barry M Lip Gloss and Holographic Lip Topper Review

Hi lovelies,

We’re back with some more beauty bargains for you. Got to love good affordable products.

I got both these items from the value goodie bags on the Barry M website but they came from different sets. Unfortunately neither item is available individually from Barry M. The lip gloss is available to purchase from Amazon and Look Fantastic . The holographic topper is available from Amazon and Look Fantastic. You can also pick up some of them at Beauty Outlet.

The packaging for both is the industry standard tube for a lip product. It’s a hard tube with a screw cap and a doe foot applicator. Each have a sealed outer wrap to keep ensure they are untouched. The tubes are sturdy, well-made and don’t leak making them perfect for travelling. The applicators are slightly different for each product although they are essentially a thin wand with a slightly curved tip. The gloss one is a little longer but both make application super easy.

The Gloss Me Up lip glosses are available in 4 shades and I received the shade Peekaboo X. They have a pigmented, long lasting, glassy finish and contains Vitamin E for healthy lips. They also have a fruity scent. The Holographic Lip Toppers are also available in four shades and I received the shade Mermaid. They have a smooth, non-sticky formula that is bursting with rainbows of light reflecting particles. Both products are cruelty free and vegan.

I really like both items. Although the gloss has a nice fruity scent, it’s a little too strong and overpowering for me. You can almost taste it. The gloss itself is a great formula. It’s easy to apply, has good pigment and leaves you with a glassy finish. It’s not overly sticky and is quite long lasting but it does transfer slightly.

The lip topper I’m glad to say has no added scent. It’s a little bit thicker than the gloss but has less pigment and is full of reflective particles. It can be worn alone for a subtle shimmer as there is a hint of colour to the formula. It comes alive over lipstick though. Darker lipsticks really make those reflects pop. The formula is slightly stickier than the gloss but not ridiculously bad. It does transfer easily though the particles remain.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these 2 items from Barry M Cosmetics. I definitely like the topper more than the gloss but that’s only because of the scent. The packaging is sturdy and doesn’t leak so you can pop them in your bag. The applicators and formula make both products easy to apply. The gloss is pigmented, fairly long lasting and only slightly sticky. The topper has a subtle colour and can be worn alone or on top of lipstick. The Holographic reflects are stunning and can really pop against a darker lipstick. They add a gorgeous sparkle and shine to any look.

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Rach xx

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