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Facemasksclub UK Subscription Box Review

Hi lovelies,

Facemasksclub reached out to me on Instagram about sending me one of their boxes in exchange for my honest review. Clearly I accepted but in no way has this influenced the following review. Read to the end to get a great deal on your first box or check out their website here.

Facemasksclub are an online monthly subscription service dedicated to delivering the best Korean sheet masks to your door. Each months box is filled with 5-7 masks from a variety of brands to help improve a range of skin impurities. For a one time purchase the boxes retail for £10.95 but subscribing will reduce the price to £10.40. You can also prepay for a 3, 6 or 12 month subscription for the same price. You are billed on your anniversary date with your box shipping the next day.

The masks were delivered in a branded, pink box and neatly wrapped in tissue paper. I love that the box contains some positive affirmations for self love. The box I received contained 7 sheet masks from a range of brands. Some are repairing, some brightening but all are hydrating. It doesn’t look like all these masks are easily available in the UK apart from whole sale but some are. They retail between £1.50-£3 each so the box is good value for money when you also consider possible shipping costs.

I’ve tried quite a few of them now and I’ve not being disappointed yet. The first one was the cupcake one and it looked a little wacky though it smelt gorgeous. I thought that there was too much serum but it was actually the perfect amount. It didn’t leave much residue behind and it absorbed fairly quickly leaving my skin soft. In fact all of the ones I tried were like this.

Before use
After use

They all left my skin feeling hydrated and looking refreshed. Some had additional benefits leaving the skin looking brighter, clearer or with a more even tone dependent on the mask. They all smelt great without being too overpowering for skincare. The lemon one has such a refreshing and awakening scent. The masks are a good size for all though some did need re-adjusting to fit my face. That’s really not a bad thing just an observation.

Overall, I’m really happy with this box from Facemasksclub. You gotta love a subscription box dedicated to sheet masks. It’s filled with brands I’ve never tried before which is the best part. There’s a good mix of mask types offering a range of skin benefits. None of them gave caused me any issues and they all left my skin looking hydrated and feeling soft.

Thanks for reading. If you’re wanting to give this a try, get your first box for £1 using this link. Don’t forget to hit that like, follow or leave us a comment. Maybe even join our email list if you loved it.

Rach xx

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