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Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara and Isoclean Disposable Mascara Wands Review

Hi lovelies,

I was initially going to review both these items separately but it seemed a little daft to write two posts. I’ve had my first couple of clients this week so I was finally able to properly test both these items on people other than myself.

The Maybelline Sky High Mascara is available to purchase from Boots (here), Superdrug (here) and Amazon UK (here). It looks to be available at a wider selection of retailers too so keep your eye out for it. Full price it retails for £11.99 but it’s often on sale in various places so be sure to shop around. You qualify for free UK shipping when you spend over £25 with both Boots and Superdrug or you can head to your nearest store. The Isoclean Disposable Mascara Wands are available to purchase from the company website (see here) and this pack of 50 retails for £6. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £40 with Isoclean or you can check out their Tiktok shop for great deals (usually in shipping).

The packaging of the mascara is the industry standard of a tube and wand applicator. To be fair, it feels well made with a decent weight and it looks pretty sleek. The cap and wand both feel pretty secure despite being super thin and flexible. The disposable wands come in very simple but effective packaging that not only protects your clients after being UV sterilized but also helps the environment as its home-compostable. The wands themselves are made from cruelty free and vegan materials and despite being disposable are at least fully biodegradable. Can’t fault that.

According to the product description, the Sky High mascara should deliver full volume and limitless length. It is infused with bamboo extracts and fibers to create gorgeous full and long lashes that don’t become too heavy. The wand is super flexible to reach and extend every lash from root to tip. There’s not much of a description for the Isoclean wands other than they have been designed to keep your makeup kit clean, hygienic and eco-friendly. They can be used to lengthen and define lashes as well as groom the brows.

Since I bought a second one for myself, I have tried this mascara with the original applicator as well as with the disposable wands. The original wand is thin and flexible with evenly dispersed, comb-like bristles. It’s actually brilliant for reaching every lash particularly those pesky inner corner and bottom lashes. The Isoclean disposable wands are more cone shaped with the standard circular bristles. Although they are reasonably small, they’re a lot fluffier than the original wand making it less easy to get to those inner corners. I say less easy but it’s still easier than most mascara wands.

Both wands apply the Sky High mascara smoothly with no clumping even when applying multiple layers. You do achieve a longer lash with the original wand but you still get a decent length when using the Isoclean wands. There was some volume added to the lashes with the original applicator though there was more with the other wand. I guess this shows how different brushes can effect the application but it is a testament to the formula that it applies so easily and looks good with both. The mascara is also really easy to remove as well.

one layer used with Isoclean wand

Overall, I am really happy with these 2 purchases from Maybelline and Isoclean. Naturally most of the good result comes from the mascara without a doubt. The formula applies easily with both wands and without any clumping. Of course, you do achieve a longer lash with the original applicator but you get a pretty good length with the Isoclean wands also. Suppose that’s a testament to the formula of the mascara. The Isoclean disposable wands are a good size and shape for adding length and volume to lashes. You can reach the inner corner of the eye pretty easily with them making them perfect to add to your kit for clients.

Rach xx

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