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MUA Makeup Academy Brow Define Micro Eyebrow Pencils Review (Various Shades)

Hi lovelies,

Still on the hunt for a huge range of kit items and sometimes expensive isn’t always best…especially during these times.

The MUA Cosmetics Brow Pencils are available to purchase from the company website (see here) as well as from Superdrug (here). They are also available in most Superdrug stores and retail for £3 each. You quality for free UK shipping on orders over £20 from MUA and on orders over £25 from Superdrug. I’ve never ordered direct from MUA so I’m not sure on shipping times but Superdrug can have your items delivered within a week.

The packaging is the industry standard for this type of brow pencil. They are retractable pencils with a spoolie brush on the end for blending and taming. There’s not much to say really. The packaging doesn’t feel the most high quality but what do you expect from a £3 pencil. They’re sturdy enough for the job, it rolls smoothly and the pencil itself can be used without breaking. There’s a cap for each end of the pencil that clip firmly into place. The bottom cap covering the spoolie is coloured to match the pencils shade.

The micro pencils are available in 7 shades that look to cover the majority of brow colours. They include a few shades of brown, blonde, black, auburn and even a grey. I did only pick up three as they were the only ones I needed to stock. According to the product description, this precision pencil can be used to fill in and shape the brows and is perfect for creating a thicker but natural looking brow. Use short sharp strokes following the direction of the brow hairs to fill in then brush through with the spoolie to evenly distribute the shade across the brow.

The pencils themselves feel great and are easy to work with. I love the shade variety and each one is quite pigmented. There is a clear difference between the shades and they can be used alone or together to produce a range of additional tones that all look natural. They are really easy to apply and control but I did struggle to get brow strokes on myself. Having tried them on clients with more brow hair than myself, it’s easier to get defined strokes when filling in sparser areas. For a bare brow like mine…not a chance mate. They delivered pretty good coverage though. The pencil is also easily blended into the brows with the spoolie and didn’t clump in the hairs. Excuse the images from testing…I didn’t need to buy my shade so I tested the auburn one instead. The pencils have good lasting power throughout the day although they smudge easily on me. Less so with fuller brows.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with the MUA Makeup Academy Micro Define Brow Pencils. It’s hard not to be when they’re only £3 each and work as needed. Although the packaging feels quite cheap, everything is well made and adequate for use. There’s a good range of shades and they’re all fairly pigmented. They can be layered up to create a variety of other shades. I did struggle to mimic brow hairs on my almost bare brows but it was a lot easier on fuller brows. They give decent coverage though and were easy to blend into the brow hairs without clumping.

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