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RCMA The Original No Colour Setting Powder Review

Hi lovelies,

Yet another item that I’ve been testing out for my pro kit. This time I was the hunt for products for darker skin tones as I flat out refuse to turn anyone orange due to a crappy diversity among products.

The RCMA No Colour Setting Powder is available to purchase from the company website (see here) as well as from Beauty Bay (here). It retails for £14.75 and you get 85g of product. RCMA do not offer shipping outside of the continental US but you qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £25 with Beauty Bay.

The packaging is a little different to the industry standard and bloody annoying as a mobile mua. There’s no outer box but the pot does come wrapped in sealed plastic. The powder comes in a tall pot rather than the squat ones usually used for loose powder. It has a deep screw cap that does feel secure for travelling and there’s a plastic sifter to control the powder. I really wish that there was a slider to cover the holes for additional control though. The diameter of the packaging makes it quite awkward to get at the powder without dispensing into something else. All product information including the ingredients can be found on the packaging.

According to the product description, this is an award winning powder that has been a pro kit staple for many years. This is a lightweight, finely milled powder that is suitable for all skin tones. This is a unique, colourless and invisible setting powder that doesn’t leave an ashy cast or change the colour of your foundation. There’s no perfumes or fillers and will set your makeup with a flawless finish without causing flashback. Directions for use state to apply with a brush or powder puff, let set and then brush away the excess.

It’s definitely a finely milled powder…be sure not to breathe in during application as it does fly everywhere and produces a fair amount of fallout. When comparing it to my usual powder, I definitely noticed a difference in the overall finish of my base particularly under the eyes. There was a slightly smoother and more natural finish to the skin with the RCMA. It’s kind of hard to put into words but less mask like. I’m sure that’s the invisible aspect of the powder. It did make my undereye look less bright despite using the same base products as usual and applying both powders the same way. This I think that’s down to being a colourless, invisible powder. It sets your creams and liquids well with only a light dusting leaving you with a matte finish that doesn’t move for hours. It also works well with other powder products though it doesn’t dull down colours the way other powders can. It feels very lightweight on the skin and so far hasn’t produced any flashback in images.

Now, I actually bought this for a specific client as an alternative product for something that I’m unable to restock at the moment and is recommended online by black creators. Thankfully my client is a really good friend and didn’t mind being a bit of a guinea pig for this item…which is a good thing as it didn’t go as planned despite trying it on myself first. When applied heavily, it did turn my client ashy so it’s something to watch out for on dark skin. When used lightly, there was no ashy cast though the powder look a little patchy if applied unevenly. I didn’t see either of these issues when using it on myself which is so annoying as the same foundation was just used just in a different shade.

RCMA Powder vs Kimchi Chic Beauty

Overall, it’s a little bit of a mixed bag from the RCMA no colour setting powder. The packaging is particularly annoying but at least you get a good amount of product in there. The powder itself is definitely finely milled that doesn’t look or feel as heavy on the skin as other powders. It leaves you with a smooth, matte finish to the skin and sets your base in place for hours. Although I didn’t have any issues on myself I can’t say it’s colourless and invisible on dark skin. When used heavily it did leave an ashy cast to the skin but looked fine when used lightly. When applied unevenly it did go a little patchy too. Just one or two things to think about. No flashback though. Always a good thing.

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