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Made by Mitchell The Essentials Colour Case Review

Hi lovelies,

So I picked up another bargain during Mitchell’s 12 Days of Christmas sale and even though I’ve been playing with it all this time, I’m only just getting round to writing the review for you. Again, I picked this up with a view for use on clients due to the variety of natural tones it contains.

The Made by Mitchell The Essentials Colour Case is available from the company website (see here) as well as from through their Tiktok shop (here*). This retails for £35 but I snagged it at £25 in the sale. One thing to note, I actually got cheaper shipping through the Tiktok shop than I did through the company website and it arrived pretty quickly too despite the sale.

The packaging is fairly typical of Made by Mitchell. The item comes in an outer box bearing the product name on the front and other information including the company name and ingredients list on the back. Both the outer box and the product case features the traditional neon green with the product name coloured to match the shades inside. The box has satin highlights but the actual case is fully matte with a soft touch finish. You can find all the shades and their names on the back of the case but no other information. The lid is where I have an issue with the packaging. There’s nothing to keep it in place and falls off easily. The case is split equally into 12 pans that look quite deep.

There are 2 Colour Cases to choose from: The Essentials (neutrals) and The Electrics (neons). Pretty self explanatory which is why I grabbed the Essentials. It features a range of blush and beige neutrals ranging from bright white to deep black. According to the product description, this is a multi-use product that features 12 cream shades that dry to a matte finish. The 12 shades can be used as they are or mixed to create endless colour opportunities. The colour case can be used for an eye base, to colour correct or to cut a sharp crease. It comes with a dual ended spatula brush and instructions state to scoop out some product and warm on the hand before application. Apply sparingly to build up the consistency.

I was a little bit dubious when I first saw this product in person. In all honesty I wasn’t sure what I could do with it…quite a lot it turns out. The formula looked hard and kind of unusable in the pot but when warmed on the back of the hand turns into a smooth, workable cream product. The shades have a thick consistency that offers amazing coverage and dries down to a matte finish. You definitely want to apply this gradually with light layers using a dense brush as it can look textured when heavily applied. As a makeup artist that is working on a lot of skin tones, this has been a godsend as an eye base due to the shade range. I’m pretty sure you either have or can create the perfect match for any and every skin tone. The formula provides a great canvas for eyeshadow allowing it to stick, remain pigmented and last all day. As the shades blend well together, you can really use it to enhance colour on the eyes for darker skin tones while keeping the brow bone a natural shade.

As well as using this as an eye base, I’ve used also this for brows, for eyeshadow, for contouring, for bronzer and on the lips. I particularly like it for creating cut crease especially when you want a matte finish. It lasts for hours on the eye without creasing and you don’t even need to set it with powder. When using it as an eyeshadow, I found it’s best applied working from light to dark rather than the other way round like you would with eyeshadow. It turned out looking muddy when applying dark to light as the shades tend to mix together. Other than that, they can be blend quite easily when applied in gradual layers and can also be built up for a deeper look. You can also add eyeshadow over the top if you need to create addition depth.

Case used on brows, eyes, lips and as contour
Case used for foundation and concealer

It also works well on the lips. It’s thick enough to line the lips without it bleeding and creamy enough to cover and blend the center. As it mattifies, it does feel slightly drying on the lips but honestly I’ve felt worse with liquid lipsticks. It doesn’t feel thick or heavy and it stays in place for several hours even when eating and drinking. The only thing I don’t like using it for is the whole complexion. It’s just personal preference but I find it a little too thick to be used as a foundation or concealer. Even when applied lightly, I found it to look heavy and dry on the skin particularly under the eyes. It can also highlight any skin texture as well. In an odd switch, it works really well as a contour and bronzer. Not sure why unless it’s just the colour and it’s position that helps to hide any blemishes.

working from dark to light
working from light to dark

The dual ended brush is a great accompaniment to the colour case. The spatula is perfect for removing the creams from the pot as well as for warming them up and mixing them. It’s a great size ensuring that you don’t remove too much. The other end is a small flat brush that is best suited for carving out the brow. I find it’s a little too small to use on the whole eye but amazing for the brow bone.

Overall, I’m actually really impressed with The Essentials Colour Case from Made by Mitchell despite my initial doubt about it. It’s actually a really versatile product that has become a staple in my professional kit. The shades are quite thick but have good coverage and pigment while being buildable. They dry down to a matte finish and do not budge once dry. They’re definitely one to apply lightly and gradually otherwise they can look textured. I found them to work well for brows, as an eye base, as eyeshadow as well as for lips, contour and bronzer.

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