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Special Effects Makeup-Prothestics Time

Hi lovelies, So yeah, turns out we have a Halloween Series here. In this post we're going to focus on prosthetics; the making and application of. If you're more interested in the application process skip the first part of this post. Of course, you can buy a lot of basic wound prosthetics from party stores… Continue reading Special Effects Makeup-Prothestics Time

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Special effects makeup…where do I start?

Hi lovelies, A continuation of my last Halloween post. So now we've talked about the different types of paint you can use in your creations, I figured we could take that next step with starting your SFX journey. Halloween is the time you may generally start looking into effects makeup and generating ideas but how… Continue reading Special effects makeup…where do I start?

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Face and Body Paints…Beginners Guide

Hi lovelies, Halloween season hit us big last year on IG and I'm sure this year will produce even better makeup. As a beginner, my first question was what do these amazing artists use when creating these looks and where do I start with deciding what to try. Since many people asked me advice over… Continue reading Face and Body Paints…Beginners Guide