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Yet another Amsterdam trip…we did it differently this time!

Hi lovelies,

It’s been a while since my last trip to Holland but we did things a little differently this time. This post is mostly going to be focused on the Ferry ride rather than things to do whilst you’re there. If you want to find more places in the city to chill and eat then check out my first Amsterdam blog here.

The front half of the ship from the terminal

This time instead of flying for £400+ each, we took the P&O ferry for about £200 together (2 of us). In all fairness, if you’re eating all 4 meals on the ship this will be an additional £60 per person (more on this later).

So our trip was a day trip to Amsterdam travelling on the Pride of Rotterdam Ferry leavig from Hull (and it’s a beast). We boarded on the Wednesday and travelled overnight, landing in Rotterdam at 8am local time. We travelled back that same night and docked at 7am local time back in Hull.

View from the ferry deck before and after sunset

P&O provide your coach ticket from the Europoort in Rotterdam to the centre of Amsterdam and back again. It’s almost 2 hours depending on traffic so be sure to disembark asap. The last coach back to the ship is 5pm local time however if you miss that, you can always get the train from Centraal Station to the port.

Back to the ship. It leaves from Hull, terminal 1 and a taxi there from Hull Train Station is £7-12 depending on who you travel with. Boarding for the ferry starts about half 4 but doesn’t set off until 8. We were in a 2 berth cabin, the same one both nights, meaning we could leave our bags there during the day.

The ferry is amazing. The décor is beautiful especially within the bar and sundeck. Prices are really good on drinks and tobacco from the bars. There’s also a casino, games arcade, kids play area and a cinema plus live entertainment in the evenings. Cinema tickets were a fiver each so I was impressed with that price.

Covered bar and smoking area are at the top of the ship. Love the covered smoking area.
The gallery of the bar. Below is more space with a dance floor for live entertainment.

As mentioned above, the food on board is a little expensive however for the price you do get a buffet. This was in The Kitchen. We looked at the Brasserie but that was even more expensive (and it wasn’t a buffet). In The Kitchen there was a huge range of hot and cold dishes including soup for starters, salads and basic drinks. Loved that they serve food from all over the world; we had curry, pasta, roast meat, chips, veg, roast potatoes. Even the desserts were amazing.

Breakfast was the same, catered to everyone from cereal to fried breakfast to cold meats and cheese. Plus toast, tea, coffee and juice. Can you tell I love food yet? We didn’t get breakfast the last morning just because it was too early. Buying both meals together does save you a couple of pounds per person and it’s worth it.

Other than that it was pretty similar to the last trip to Amsterdam. Oh one thing we did do was a visit to the Nemo Science Museum. As an adult, not worth it-for children it’s so cool. Prices are high (£37 for 2 adults) but on those rainy days you can kill plenty of time and I promise the children will be entertained for hours.

NEMO Museum from the side
From the roof terrace at the NEMO Museum. The view must be amazing in the sun.

On another note, we went to Rookies again as it’s had a refurb since the last time I was there. It looks so much brighter and more open with plenty of seats and tables. I didn’t manage to get a photo as the place was packed.

Thanks for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading another travel post because they don’t come often on here. If you have enjoyed this leave a like or a comment maybe even hit that subscribe button.

Rach xx

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