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Bank Holiday Scarborough Trip

Hi lovelies, I can't believe I've never posted about trips to Scarborough as I go there pretty often and since I don't feel bad about travel posts anymore; here you go. Nice and cheap way to get away for a day or 2. Scarborough is a beautiful resort town that sits on the East Coast… Continue reading Bank Holiday Scarborough Trip

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Yet another Amsterdam trip…we did it differently this time!

Hi lovelies, It's been a while since my last trip to Holland but we did things a little differently this time. This post is mostly going to be focused on the Ferry ride rather than things to do whilst you're there. If you want to find more places in the city to chill and eat… Continue reading Yet another Amsterdam trip…we did it differently this time!


Amsterdam Trip

Hi Lovelies, Sorry for the delay in the post, been on a city break to Amsterdam and I figured I'd write about it for you. We flew from Leeds Bradford Airport in the UK to Schiphol with KLM. Really love flying with KLM; the staff are always pleasant, flight is quick and they give you… Continue reading Amsterdam Trip