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Jeffree Star Cosmetics The Gloss Review-Lord Star from Blood Lust Collection

Hi lovelies,

I don’t usually wear gloss which is why I wasn’t too excited when Jeffree Star released his line, The Gloss. However, the shade Lord Star from the new Blood Lust Collection just spoke to me. You can check out the palette review here and the lip bundle here.

There were 5 shades released as part of the Blood Lust Collection but there are so many shades available already. The Gloss is available from the usual retailers (JSC website, Beauty Bay and Beautylish). They retail for $18/£16 each and contains 55ml of product.

The Gloss comes in an outer box that is metallic purple with the product name and company logo down one side. The shade name and ingredients list are on a sticker at the bottom. The box and component are bigger than I expected.

The component is pretty heavy for a gloss, it really does feel like good quality packaging. I love the design of it as well, the size and shape of the cap makes it easy to hold. It’s even purple to match the collection. There is a doe foot applicator that is a little slimmer than those for the liquid lipsticks.

The JSC Gloss has two different finishes; a glitter fantasy formula and an extreme wet formula. The shade Lord Star has the glitter fantasy formula and is a sheer to medium magenta with a pink and blue sparkle. The formula isn’t overly sticky nor is it slippery when it is applied.

The product smells so sweet and gorgeous. The smell doesn’t linger too long though which is fabulous. The consistency of the Gloss is a lot thicker than I would have guessed. It is quite thick and you have to really push to get the applicator back into the tube.

When wearing this alone, you have to put on a decent layer to get the magenta colour to come through. However, a thin layer will provide you with enough shine and sparkle to last for days. It’s just so fricking hard to capture on camera.

Wearing alone

When wearing this over lipstick, it does add a magenta tinge to your lip colour. This may or may not be noticable depending on the shade of lipstick. The Gloss did not disturb the lipstick underneath and is still easy to apply.

Wearing Lord Star on top of Virginity

Overall, I am so happy that I purchased this lipgloss from JSC. The packaging is sturdy and has that little Jeffree statement. It is pretty much my perfect gloss formula, not too sticky but not too slippery either. It does have light pigment which can be built up to a medium but it is still opaque. The sparkles look amazing in the light and works alone or over a lipstick.

Wearing Lord Star on top of Berries on Ice

Thanks for reading. It’s been a mad week but we go back to normal after today. I promise. I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Have anything from the Blood Lust collection…send us your images and product shots for a social media feature. Don’t forget to hit that like button or add a comment. Maybe even hit that follow if you loved it.

Rach xx

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