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Face Halo Original Modern Makeup Remover Review-3 Pack

Hi lovelies,

I’m always on the lookout for new makeup remover products but I’m sick to death of all the waste produced. So I finally decided to give this a try….is it worth all the hype? Not gonna lie I’m dubious having tried other cloths.

The Face Halo can be found at many retailers including drugstores but you can also grab them from the company website (here), Amazon (here*) and Beauty Bay (here). I’ve mostly seen them sold as a pack of three for around £18 but FeelUnique sell a single one for £7.50 (here). There’s a full range of sustainable products including pads for the eye and body. I grabbed mine from Beauty Bay so they arrived within a couple of days.

The packaging is wonderfully minimalistic which alligns with the brands ethos of sustainability. The pads come in a resealable pouch that is perfect for storage. It is also recyclable. You also get an information card on how to use and care for your face pads.

On the Face Halo website there is a fabulous section on Sustainability which provides all information about this product. Reusable for up to 200 machine washes, the Face Halo replaces 500 makeup wipes saving loads of waste. As you only need water to use, it also saves your skin from many chemicals in wipes. When they’re finished with, you can send your old halos back to the company to be recycled. I think this is pretty cool.

According to the product description the Face Halo removes makeup quick and easy. There’s no need to scrub, the pad gently removes makeup and other impurities using either warm or cool water. The unique HaloTech fibres work to trap in the impurities and prevents spreading them across your face. For more stubborn makeup, simply rehydrate the Halo and hold onto the area for 5-10 seconds. To reuse, simply wash with soap in between machine washes but do NOT use fabric softener.

I’m actually shocked. The Face Halo WORKS! I was pretty dubious as you probably know but I had to test it for myself with all the hype. Seriously all it needed was some water. I tested this with a bright pink makeup look and it did struggle to remove all traces of eyeshadow. However, it cleaned off the majority of the eyeshadow and didn’t spread it or the glitter all over my face. Pretty impressive. It took all of 2 minutes to remove my fully set makeup and I only needed one side of the pad instead of 2 wipes and a cotton pad.

It’s the perfect size for a face pad and sits great in the hand. It’s flexible enough to bend to get into those hard to reach places. It felt amazing on the skin, quite soft but with some texture. There really is no need to be heavy handed when wiping your face. It was also easy to wash after use with a little bit of soap and running water.

Overall, I’m over the moon with my purchase despite my initial horror at the price. For £18 you actually can’t go wrong as you won’t need to buy any other makeup remover for a while. It took some water, one side of a Face Halo and 2 minutes to remove my full face of makeup. It’s easy to use and to wash and it actually works. I’m sure I’ll be using these for many years.

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Rach xx

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