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Kim Chi Chic Beauty The Most Concealer and Puff Puff Pass Powder Review

Hi lovelies,

So about a year ago, the fabulous drag queen Kim Chi launched her beauty brand and I’ve been eager to try it since. There’s now a stockist in the UK so shipping is cheaper.

You can purchase both items and all products via the Kim Chi Chic Beauty website (concealer/powder) but I purchased mine from Beauty Bay (concealer/powder). The concealer retails for £12/$14 for 18g while the powder retails for £15/$18 and contains 24g. As I ordered both items together I got free UK shipping with Beauty Bay and the items arrived within a few days. I’m not sure what shipping is like direct from Kim Chi Chic so be sure to drop your experiences in the comments.

The packaging is nothing ground breaking but is full of Kim Chi cuteness. The concealer is packaged in a soft tube with a brush attached for application. The tube feels strong and good quality with a flexible brush. The outer box of the concealer is fairly plain but contains all product information including the ingredients list and how to apply. The powder is packaged in the usual way, in a tub with a face puff. The tub and face puff are HUGE…you can tell this is a drag queen’s brand from the size of the powder. This comes in a more decorated outer box and even has branded tissue paper too. I love these extra touches. There’s a heart shaped shifter for getting out your powder but I do wish it had a sliding cover. I’m so clumsy that I can easily lose powder.

From now on I’ll be discussing the products individually rather than clumped together. Let’s start with the concealer just because you put that on first. The Most Concealer is described as a multi-task superstar that can be used to conceal, cover, correct and contour. I believe it is available in 27 shades and these include a few colour correcting shades. I do wish there was a bigger selection for darker skin tones though. This concealer is free from parabens, phthalates, sulphate and synthetic fragrances. It is also cruelty free.

On the website, the Most Concealer is described as a waterproof, buildable and full coverage concealer. It should leave you with a matte and satin hybrid finish that should last all day. I picked up mine in the shade Light Beige and it is the perfect shade. It is definitely full coverage no doubt about that. I really didn’t need much to cover my dark circles which is a fricking miracle. The brush tip does allow for precise application and actually applies the concealer smooth and even across the skin. I do worry that the brush may become clogged over time and isn’t the most hygienic for working with others. It also blends out nicely with with a beauty sponge or flat concealer brush.

Fresh application vs 10 mins

The Most Concealer blends well with all my foundations so far and my collection is full of drugstore foundations. It sits on the skin so nicely without been overly matte or drying to the under eye. I’m not saying it looks natural…it doesn’t but it looks more natural than most concealers with great pigment. It does oxidise a small amount once exposed to air but this is pretty minimal and the image online represents this for once.

Cute little message on the box plus the donut sticker ❤

The Puff Puff Pass is described as a lightweight, loose powder that has been finely milled. Formulated using vitamin E and rice powder, this is perfect for those with acne-prone or oily skin as it helps to absorb excess oil and leave you with the perfect matte finish. The Puff Puff Pass is available in 9 shades but once again I wish there were more shades for those with dark complexions. This powder is cruelty free and vegan and is free from PEGs, sulphate, phthalates and synthetic fragrances.

So I am fricking in love with this powder. I picked up the translucent shade and it sets your base in place without moving any of it around or changing the colour too much. It leaves you with a soft, natural glow and a smooth finish to your skin. The best thing though, is that it keeps those oils at bay and I have noticed my makeup lasting longer in problematic areas. There’s also no flashback with the Puff Puff Pass no matter how you use it to set your face. The powder puff is absolutely huge but so soft and flexible. It’s perfect for applying powder to the full face without leaving any texture, whether a light dusting or a full bake.

Seriously though, how big is this pot!

Together these two products create flawlessness. I’ve not had a better result when baking my makeup than when I used these together. No texture, no cakiness, no worries. There’s no settling into the fine lines or enchancing skin texture at all. I think I might just duk my entire being into it permanently to hide my issues.

Detail of the shifter and powder

Overall, I am so happy with my purchases from Kim Chi Chic Beauty and I will definitely be purchasing more in the future. Both the concealer and powder are well priced for the amount you get and will use each time (you don’t need much). The packaging of both products is uber cute and perfect for use. The concealer applies smooth and easy and blends well with other products. The powder leaves you with the perfect base, soft and glowing with minimal texture. Together they leave you looking flawless and I don’t think you can so better than that.

With and without products
One side is baked can you tell which one?

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Rach xx

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