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Makeup Revolution X Disney Nightare before Christmas Sally Palette Review

Hi lovelies,

Part 2 of my reviews for this collection, if y’all haven’t already seen the Jack palette check out that review here. Don’t worry, there is a part 3 coming up.

You can pick up this palette from the Revolution Beauty website (see here). Fingers crossed this should be getting a restock so I’d sign up for email updates. The Sally palette retails for £15 and is cruety free. UK delivery from the company website is free on orders over £30 and arrives pretty quickly when there’s no launches happening.

The packaging is just like the rest of the collection. Grey and black stripes with embossed characters except this time we have Sally and not Jack on the front. All product information can be found on the outer box including the ingredients. The palette is well made and sturdy without being too heavy. The only complaint I have is that we have Jack’s head printed into the pans and not Sallys.

The Makeup Revolution X Disney Sally palette contains 36 shadows but unlike the Jack palette this one mostly contains shimmers with only a couple of matte shades. Not gonna lie I realy dislike palettes with this arrangement. Who needs more shimmers than mattes in a palette? I have to admit that the overall colour story didn’t really interest me, I bought it coz I love the film. However, it is a perfect representation of Sally and her role in the film but I was there was a few more dark matte shades.

When doing the arm swatches, the few matte shades in the palette looked quite wishy washy. I’ve found this to be a regular feature with Makeup Revolution palettes but that rarely means the shades are bad. The shimmers and metallics are freakin’ gorgeous and swiped like a dream; full of pigment and shine. I fell in love with the shade Soup as soon as I swatched it. The shadows all felt soft and buttery to touch.

On the eye, the shadows performed pretty well. Although not the most pigmented mattes, you can build them up for more colour. They are easy to blend and work well together. There is a small amount of kickback in the pan with most of the matte shades but little to no fall out under the eye. The shimmers apply easily with both a brush or your finger although you may get some fallout under the eye with them. Some of the shimmers can start to crease after a while but you can layer them up to prevent this. I absolutely love the range of shimmers in this palette especially the duochrome ones and will be able to use them with other palettes for some amazing looks.

Overall, I’m fairly ambivolent about this palette. It’s good quality, easy to use and has buildable shades. However, I feel like there could be a more cohesive colour story; it’s not one to pick up and produce a range of different looks on it’s own. When used with other palettes, it’s got some pretty exciting shades that I don’t have in others. So yeah, I guess that’s all personal preference though so let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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Shades Aglow, Scrumptious, Thistle and Ghost used with another palette
Shades Jack and Dr Finklestein used with another palette

Rach xx

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