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Bank Holiday Scarborough Trip

Hi lovelies,

I can’t believe I’ve never posted about trips to Scarborough as I go there pretty often and since I don’t feel bad about travel posts anymore; here you go. Nice and cheap way to get away for a day or 2. Scarborough is a beautiful resort town that sits on the East Coast in North Yorkshire. It’s one of the most popular seaside resorts in the north and can be pretty busy on sunny days.

Scarborough is a great place for either a day trip or to stay for a couple of days. However, during the summer months hotel prices can double or triple when compared with the rest of the year so be careful when booking. You can get either the train or the bus from Leeds or York for a very reasonable price although the journey from Leeds on the bus will take about 2-3hours depending on traffic. The train only takes an hour.


Around Scarborough, I’ve stayed in quite a few hotels so I’ll give you a rundown of some of them. There are so many dog-friendly hotels around Scarborough which I love coz ya dogs love the beach too and why should they miss out? You can also get really good hotel prices this time of year due to late cancellations.

One of the first hotels I stayed at was a few years ago now. It was the Green Gables hotel and we had a self catering apartment. The prices are pretty good for the rooms and the building is gorgeous. Only downside is that it is situated quite far from the beach so its a 20min walk. Not the best if you have kids or people that struggle to walk long distances.

The second hotel to try was The Villa Esplanade Self Catering Holiday Apartments. Set upon the cliff above the Spa so this can be a challenging walk from the sea front back to the hotel. Another cute and cosy hotel this one has limited parking and quite a busy bar.

Another hotel that I’ve stayed at was the Riverlyn Hotel. This one is a little dated but very clean and the staff were so pleasant. A great bonus of this hotel is the price and they welcome pets. There’s very little to no parking with this one unfortunately but it’s not too far a walk to the seafront.

The hotel this time was sat around the corner from the train station with an easy walk to the sea front. The Central Hotel is one of those really old buildings with stairs everywhere so finding your room is actually a fun expedition. The price for the one was brilliant with breakfast included. Can’t complain with that especially since the breakfast was gorgeous.


You know that I always have to talk about the places to eat (I should be a food blogger really) though I haven’t got any pictures. The number one place that I go to everytime I’m in Scarborough is the Fish Pan on the South Bay seafront. This place does the BEST curry sauce I’ve ever had and their chips are amazing. Great sized portions for a decent price especially as the fish is fresh.

Another great place to eat is in the Princess Cafe also on the South Bay seafront. It’s only a small place but the atmosphere is nice and cozy. They’ve got a nice range of cafe style food so it’s great for everyone. The prices are also reasonable here for the portion size that you get.

While you’re there, you probably want ice cream. Head over to the Harbour Bar ice cream counter. They have a range of great flavours (I got a lemon one) and sizes (ex got an 8 scoop). It wasn’t too expensive either.

Something else about British seasides; fresh donuts. You can pretty much get these from anywhere along the seafront. Prices are good no matter where you decide to go and nowhere produces a bad donut. Hot fresh donuts are the best.

Everything else

One of the best things about Scarborough are the amusement arcades along the South Bay. I still love the 2p machines in them. We spent a lot of time in them but we come away with some pretty funky prizes. In one of the arcades you can also collect tickets which you can exchange for prizes.

Arcade Haul

There’s also loads of little shops dotted along the seafront. One of the most popular ones is Ancient Warrior. This place is a geeks paradise; full of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, weapons, fairies and skulls. I always have a look in here when I visit as you never know what you might find. All along the seafront and into town, you’ll find fudge, rock and souvenir shops. When looking for these items, be sure to shop around because there are loads of great finds. There are also a lot of charity shops when you head up the high street toward the train station.

South Bay

Don’t forget a walk to the castle or a trip to the Spa depending on your hobbies. Tours of the castle do cost you something but it’s a great walk to it with some fabulous views. Can’t tell you much about the Spa because I’ve never been in. You’ve also got 2 sandy beaches across the 2 bays; no dogs on the South Bay beach though but fine on the North Bay.

Sunset over North Bay

Thanks for reading. I really hope you’ve enjoyed this post and that you will join me for more in the future.Ever been here…send us your places to visit and your pics for an Instagram share. Don’t forget to to hit that like button or add a comment; maybe even subscribe if you loved it.

Sunrise over North Bay

Rach x

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