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P.Louise Cosmetics Coloured Base and Crisp Finish Paint Review

Hi lovelies,

It’s probably going to be a short one today as I’ve previously reviewed other shades of these products. With more shades being added for these products regularly I like to keep a check of the formulas.

Both products can be purchased from the P.Louise website (paint, base) as well as the BPerfect Megastore (paint, base). The individual paints retail for £14.50 and the bases retail for £10 each. All UK shipping from P.Louise costs £1. You qualify for free UK shipping on orders over £40 when shopping with BPerfect Megastore.

The packaging of these products have remained the same since they were first released. The paint comes in a thick tube with a screw cap that is fairly standard for cosmetic paints. It doesn’t come in any additional packaging when bought alone like it does with the brush duo (see here). The coloured bases come in the same style tube as the standard base although they’re coloured to match the shade.

There are now 30 shades of cosmetic paints available in total spread across 4 collections. I received the shade Flamin’ Firecracker from the Crisp Finish Collection. It can be purchased as a single item or as a duo with a brush. There are 16 shades of coloured bases available and I received Green with Envy.

The P.Louise cosmetic paints have a tear-proof, thick and creamy formula. It is highly pigmented for the waterline, cut crease, eye liner, lipstick and more. They dry to a completely matte finish in 60 seconds meaning there’s no need for eyeshadow to set it into place. The coloured bases have a thick, creamy formula and work like the standard bases do. They work to help intensify your eyeshadow pigments and keep them in place for longer. The coloured bases can also be used in the waterline, cream contour or foundation if needed.

Flamin’ Firecracker is a bright red paint that is highly pigmented. It’s a little bit thicker than some of the other paint shades however it applies more evenly than the thinner ones. It dries down really well and doesn’t transfer or crack once it’s dry. Like the other shades, this is a versatile product and remains vibrant where ever you use it. I had a small amount of staining to the skin with this one but it was gone in a day. As lipstick, I found it to be quite drying after a couple of hours of wear.

Paint used for lips

I generally use the coloured bases for creating cut creases as they are so pigmented they cover the shadows underneath better than the standard ones. I’ve not used this one much because I don’t use a lot of green at the moment. However the coloured bases are perfect for any face painting where you want the colour to continue on the eyes. Although the coloured base did increase the intensity of my shadows it also slightly changed the shades. They do increase wear time though.

base used on eye

Overall, I am really happy with my new P.Louise additions. The base packaging has remained the same for both products although the designs and colours vary on the collection it is from. Both items are versatile, pigmented and long lasting. The paint dries matte and doesn’t transfer either. The base, like the original, intensified your shadows and makes them last longer.

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Rach xx

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