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Hail and Fails of 2022

Hi lovelies, It's that time again. Our final post of 2022 with our customary Hails and Fails of the Year post. Sorry about posting a little off schedule this week but the holidays have made it a little awkward. But first...let's get a little sappy. It's been a bit of a crazy year and I… Continue reading Hail and Fails of 2022

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Nars Bronzing Powder Review

Hi lovelies, Y'all know I love a good sample item and this one is no exception. Actually Nars has a range of makeup travel minis. This is another one that came with the Boots Beauty Showstopper Box. Unfortunately I can only find the mini bronzer to purchase from Boots (see here) and Cult Beauty (here).… Continue reading Nars Bronzing Powder Review